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Dear Mr Sparks,
My name is Leonor. I'm 15 years old and I´m from Portugal and Spain. I just wanted to say that I love you. I love the way you write your books. I´m that kind of girl that likes to read, in fact, I hate reading, but when I read one of your books I was paralyzed. I loved every word that you wrote, and when I go to the library to buy your books, I just want to go home and start reading!
I hope you continue to write, because the world need your words.
Thank you for your books!
Nicholas Sparks, I love your books I found them through the movies and you should be so pleased that they made the experience even more amazing! I have only read three of your books - being fourteen - but each one has made me cry, I love them so much! I have convinced all of my friends to read your books and they all agree with me in the fact that you are an amazing writer! Please keep writing and please could you design some jewellery for Dear John? Thank you so much for writing these amazing books, you are my all time favourite author!
Hello NicholasI am always amazed at your books as they talk of such great love, the kind of love you often dream of finding but only ever find it in the pages of a book or on a movie screen. I was really interested in knowing if you have the kind of love you write about and that is where your inspiration comes from or if, like me, you write about what you dream of finding. Always been curious thought I would ask.Warmest wishesMandy
P.S I gave up on relationships a long time ago but each time I see your books come to life on a screen I feel my belief in love again. So thank you for that
Dearest Sparks,
Hi! I'm Writtika, 18. Your writing-- it changed me. And I really mean it. I loved every piece of your work I read so far. #SafeHaven is amazing!
I've no words to describe how fascinating your books are. Hope to get back much more from you. Always a fan.
-Love and best wishes.
Dear Nicholas Sparks,
I am only 12 and I am obsessed with your books. I have just started reading your books due to my friend who is way passed obsessed with you. your books bring love a whole new meaning. I always find myself crying, laughing, smiling, and crying some more. time seems to fly by when I read your books and I am in awe how well you can write. I want to become an author and be just as great as you. safe haven and the lucky one are my two favorites. you have inspired me to find out what love really is and I just want to say thanks for writing books that have made me fly away to another universe.
Mr Nicholas Sparks, you are amazing. I have read your entire book collection and I'm dying for another one to come out! I have struggled to put down every book of yours, especially The Longest Ride. When I'm revising for university, I have to be careful not to be distracted by your books! :) You truly are an inspiration. Keep up your awesome work!
I have to admit that I haven't read all your books although I am gradually making my way through them! Two days ago I bought The Longest Ride as my birthday present to myself – sad I know. I was planning on saving it for my annual holiday to Italy which would have meant only having to wait nearly a week before starting it. However seeing it in my suitcase made me want to start it and despite having a lot of work these two days, I have pretty much finished it. I even told my friend that I couldn't go to the cinema because I wanted to find out what would happen to the characters. When Ira was talking about his history with Ruth and here devastating end I was in tears - my sister walked into my room and thought that something terrible had happened to me. Part of me wants to find out what happens to Ira, Luke and Sophia but the other part of me wants to hide the book away so that I can still have it to come. Every time I read one of your books, without fail, I end up sobbing like a baby....
Dear Mr Sparks, for sometime now I have put off watching Safe Haven because of the fact that my friends advised me not to watch it and they had good reason to. I get very emotional when watching romantic movies and this movie is no different. Every movie that came from your books had me blubbering at the end with tissues in one hand and ice cream in the other. I have literally just finished watching Safe Haven and thought that I should let you know that once again your work has reduced me to tears, and I love that in a good romantic movie/book. I also love the fact that your work never has any of those extremely awkward moments that make you want to stop the film or put the book down. In my opinion that's what makes a great author.
Dear Nicholas Sparks,Helooooo all the way from Yorkshire, UK! I want to start by saying THANK YOU so much for your amazing stories! Especially The Best Of Me. I fell in love with that story! I could actually smell the flowers in Tucks' garden when you described them! The book moved me so much! Music is what I do best, I am a singer/songwriter and to express how I feel about your work I wrote this song about your breathtaking Novel The best of me. I truly hope that it makes you smile! :)Love
Carolina xx
Reading your books let me forget my bones pain they say depression is a side effect of cancer well i say depression is a side effect of dying i spend my days reading your novels without being able to stop or even feel my pain i can read every single book a zillion time without getting bored and eventually i cry on every ending ♡
Dear Nicholas Sparks, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your books. Your stories are brilliantly written, I'm drawn into the story on the first page and can picture the scenes perfectly in my head by the way you describe what is happening. You are by far my favourite author, I could read you stories over and over again, they are so captivating!
Dear Nicholas Sparks,
I would first like to say that your books are a huge part of my life. They inspire me to be the best person I can be. They also compel me to keep reading!
I have learned many lessons from your books, and though I have not read them all ( I have read most) I am working my way through them.
I have recently finished reading "The Longest Ride". I absolutely fell in love with the main characters. I learned a great deal too about love and its mysteries.
You are by far my most favourite author and to meet you would be an incredible dream come true. I can re-read your books and still feel what I felt the first time I read them.
The Notebook is my favourite book. (The Longest Ride is a very close second) My own copy is dog eared and worse for wear because I have went back to it so many times, I can pick up where I left off- I know the story so well! It was the first one I ever read and I loved it immediately.
They are all beautiful and I...
I have just finished reading 'The Wedding' within 2 days. This book, immensely drew me in. As did your others, but there was something about this book, the romance...the kind of old romance every girl dreams of. and the twist at the end, it was the absolute last thing I was expecting. This HAS to be made into a film. Thank you for your creativity & for making these books / films. Incredible!!

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